5 Qualities of the Salesforce job industry that will make you smile

June 05, 2019

Choosing Salesforce as the #1 Best Workplace across Europe is no coincidence. This honor is the fruit of a common effort on behalf of one inspiring community and a favorable environment that contributed to enhancing a positive workplace culture despite the challenges the industry is representing.

So how did Salesforce made it possible? and what is it like working in the No. 1 CRM leader? Long story short, here are the top 5 qualities in the SF job industry that will make you want nothing more than joining the tribe.

1 No degree needed

Or haven’t you heard? Salesforce will have faith in you in spite of your academic level and background. As long as you have what it takes, you are more likely to get the job. Reportedly 82% of Salesforce employees state that a college degree isn’t essential to do their job.

2 Equal workplace

Salesforce has proved itself to be a global pioneer in equality despite the noticeable lack of female leaders in technical areas. However, equality has always been a core value in the Salesforce culture. This is one of the smartest choices made by the CRM world leader, by driving equality for all, Salesforce has transformed its platform to this powerful movement for social change.

3 Competitive Salary

Salesforce has been growing to this influential platform providing opportunities for a wide range of profiles with the most competitive salaries in the world across a variety of roles.

The average US salary is estimated at just over $44,000. While the average annual salary of the confirmed Salesforce consultant goes up to 46 000€.

4 Big factor of change

In today’s challenging and fast-paced society, Salesforce intervenes as a strategic player to provide technological solutions and innovative responses following the companies growing demand.

And as databases grow across enterprises, an inevitable shift in the way companies are doing business has been witnessed which means that it’s constantly changing as well. And despite this considerable change, nothing prevented Salesforce from focusing on its vision and continuously improving the state of the world.

5 Salesforce is people

You’ve heard about them at least once or twice, they call them the Ohana trailblazers. Salesforce was able to build an inspiring community that rises by lifting others.

That is one of the reasons anyone should choose Salesforce as their workplace blindfolded because each day is a new opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry, grow their career, and give back. And the couple of testimonies above should support my objective statement.

Does this sound all surreal to you, or are you rather seduced to join the movement? No need to hesitate anymore, you can apply today in the Salesforce No. 1 job hub and discover by yourself. It’s time to go blaze some trails people! ☁️

Florent Schneider

Salesforce Consultant - 5x Salesforce Certified

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