6 Lessons learned from Trailhead

July 07, 2019

Meet Florent Schneider: Salesforce Ranger and co-founder of jobssie.com & Bluefactory.io sharing his learning experience with Trailhead.

Trailhead has revolutionized the Salesforce culture. It’s a mindset, a Trailblazer lifestyle, and as a Ranger I fully recommend it. ”

Florent Schneider, cofounder of Jobssie & Bluefactory

1. Do you consider Trailhead as the best method for Salesforce learning?

To kickstart a fun learning experience in Salesforce, yes I would say Trailhead is undoubtedly the N°1 go to. First, because Trailhead is inclusively accessible and free for everyone. Also, Trailhead content is 100% verified and it will test you on the theoretical and practical level and once you start you’ll want to continue winning more badges and that’s where the competitive side reveals.

In addition, your learning adventure with Trailhead is tailored to your profile and specific preferences and guess what, you can even create your own custom learning path from your favorite trails, projects, superbadges and share them with the community thanks to Trailmix.

Trailhead has revolutionized the Salesforce culture. It’s a mindset, a Trailblazer life-style and as a Ranger, I fully recommend it.

2. What’s the most valuable lesson you learned from Trailhead?

I learned real-time learning is made simple. If you strive for it.

3. If you were a Trailmoji, what would you be?

I would say Codey… because I love bears 😊

Plus, it represents the Californian world of Salesforce. With Codey it’s like being in Yosemite Park!

4. What was the most difficult part of your Trailhead training and how did you overcome it?

There is no particular part that I’ve considered difficult. It is rather the accumulation, the limits of certain products and the pile of different clouds (Sales, Service, Community …) that are put end to end can become confusing.

You have to learn methodically, step by step, and be organized. Then you have to practice, that’s how you acquire automatisms and capitalize on your knowledge.

5. If you were to add or change anything about Trailhead, what would it be?

Centralizing certification exams on the platform. Salesforce is already doing it. Passing and / or maintaining your certificate on Trailhead is so much more fun than on the former (Webassessor) that takes us back to Salesforce in 1999!

Then I would add ranks for sure. I’m already a Ranger and I still have so many badges to win. I think Salesforce could expect Super Rangers or something else :)

There is already so much content… we can always do better but Trailhead is already very good. And if I had to quote that resource for learning Salesforce would be of course Trailhead.

6. What message do you finally reach to those who are currently discovering Trailhead and are ready to start?

If I managed to be certified with my background then everyone else can. The means are at everyone’s disposal. And if anyone has a specific preference, Trailhead was never the only resource and thankfully. It is always recommended to find other forms of learning to compliment your experience with Trailhead, as they say the more the better.

And for the record, this is the perfect occasion to point out for you a fun, and cognitive way of Salesforce learning. With Jobssie, we have made real time learning of Salesforce made simple and accessible to all through one blog and business cards.

Our weekly content, is a valuable and trusted source of information since it reflects our Consultants experiences and knowledge on the subject matter while keeping you on the loop about the most recent changes in the industry and must known milestones of the Trailblazers community.

Florent Schneider

Salesforce Consultant - 5x Salesforce Certified

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