Attendee’s TrailheaDX guide

July 02, 2019

TrailheaDX is the must-attend event of the year for the Trailblazers’ community. Every year It takes place in downtown San Francisco at the Moscone West Convention Center on May 29–30. Trailblazers could add a three-day Bootcamp from May 30–June 2, to the TrailheaDX adventure with an ultimate pass.

If you missed this year’s event save the date and get ready for the next TrailheaDX!

Admins, developers or architects? TrailheaDX is for you!

Many consider TDX to be the Dreamforce dedicated to developers with more of a product leading approach. Although this might be true, we’ve witnessed many trailblazers who showed their neutrality between both events in terms of organization and content quality and accessibility.

“The overall amount of content available, at the level I sought, is actually about equal between the two events. It’s nice to be able to focus exclusively on developer content at TrailheaDX, but I think most of what I attended will be similarly presented at Dreamforce. At the end of the day, I was extremely grateful to be there, and it left me very much looking forward to Dreamforce in just a few more months.”

THOMAS TAYLOR, Salesforce MVP & Certified Salesforce Developer

For Admins, the low-code champions!

If you’re maybe passionate about coding, you’ve only begun to gather some notions of coding, or you’re more of an experienced Salesforce Admin, you will be taught how to build in declarative interfaces. Then, all you need to do is trust the user experience you’ve built because it will allow you to be the unbeatable champion of productivity!

Developers, to your keyboards

This is a shout out to the SF technical community, It is your chance to keep track of the latest innovations and technologies and learn from the salesforce trusted circle of engineers, developers and product leaders.

Be the architect of your future

Here we are talking about active learning by pure definition, thanks to the architects’ related sessions you’ll be delivered directly from experts, they will inspire to design innovative cross-cloud solutions for customers. Those sessions are accessible to all regardless of your level or job position.

NB: The SF sessions in TDX is accessible to all regardless of your level or job position.

And in case you’ve missed it, SF provides you with every recording of all the sessions delivered from Einstein insights to Salesforce best practices.

All Trailblazers included

We tend to see a special focus on the TrailheaDX impact on developers more in particular, we have even read about TDX as the ultimate “developers” go-to of the year. However, the conference is an open invitation to all trailblazers to gather at one place, skill up from quality sessions, get inspired and have the time of there lives to refresh their vision on the Salesforce updates and sharpen their minds on the hottest topics out there.

Whether you’re a client, sponsor, communicator or developer this event is for you!

Why attend and how?

Learn, network & most of all have fun!

“Learning is boring says no trailblazer ever”

In TrailheaDX, there’s a multitude of challenges to go through in the process of expanding your skill set. The learning journey will never bore you when you can choose the technical session that suits your deficiencies and get rewarded thanks to the TrailheaDX Quest! In addition, to the certifications and demos that will help you level up and be more successful.

After effort, there’s comfort. The TrailheaDX party is the cherry on top of your day where everyone gathers as one Ohana to attend a live concert given by international star sensations.

Your opportunity to share & give back

TrailheaDX is a real-time opportunity to gain fresh insights on the Salesforce ecosystem, its different stakes, and opportunities and also to build a global network of trailblazers that will serve your entire career.

This also means that it’s your responsibility as part of the #SalesforceOhana to share your journey and support those who are halfway through to build an even stronger community and help make the world a better place!

Pricing & Registration

If you’re interested to join the SF adventure for next year, you’re only two clicks away. All you need to do is go to the Salesforce official website and visit the TDX dedicated page to get an overview of the different pricing and then you’ll one click away to receiving your event confirmation email for attendance.

The price of the full conference Pass is $999; the ultimate Pass is $3,499. Tariffs vary depending on your program. The purchase of a pass includes a voucher for two certifications ($200 each). The ultimate pass will also give you access to an additional 3 days of Bootcamp. Now you know everything to be part of the next TrailheaDX!

Reda Benhemmouche

Salesforce Architect and Bluefactory and Jobssie cofounder - 10x Salesforce Certified

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