How to learn Salesforce Part 1: Beginners Edition

June 25, 2019

So we are assuming you’re completely alienated to the entire cloud-based system. And in this case, you’re supposedly curious to find out about its different functionalities and implications.

If all odds are true then we are pleased to invite you to dive into our fun beginners guideline to discover accessible ways on how to learn Salesforce at its trailheart.

Just google me

So first things first right? this one is obviously no brainer, but it sure is a must do. Before rushing into choosing your most convenient program, take the time to visit the Salesforce website to get a sense of its persona this will smoothen and give more sense to your SF training before you dive into the details.

This part is also essential to strengthening your perception of the subject matter to make the most out of your learning experience on solid grounds.

We all can agree on the fact that the internet is undoubtedly the most powerful efficient go to when it comes to finding the right information especially when your stakes are high.

Even by going through Salesforce youtube channel, you’ll find interesting summary videos that will help you grasp the global aspect of the industry.

Luckily no one needs to spend a fortune to have access to the unlimited training opportunities and on SF that are mostly 100% free of charge. Salesforce is big enough in the CRM industry that many business users and customer success websites tend to produce informative related content in the subject matter.

Plus, Salesforce experts tend to share knowledge with the success community and help others learn through their blogs and social network.

Learning by doing

Find an internship

People tend to learn most when actively involved in the learning process. So if you’re willing to build a career in Salesforce, landing an internship can be a great first step to putting all your practical skills into actions.

An internship in Salesforce helps you build a strong network of contacts. Through networking, not only do you get to learn from experts but it’s also a chance to develop mutually beneficial relationships. When in business-to-business sales, your contacts could present sales opportunities. Knowing a lot of people within your industry is good for you and your company.

See the internship opportunities

Social events & networking

If you’re new to Salesforce and willing to invest in it here’s what to consider: The Salesforce community is quite strong and it would be unthoughtful not to make use of it.

Whether it is a kick-off, idea generation events, webinars, or the annual Dreamforce conference – you have the great opportunity to meet like-minded people and experts from the field of Salesforce.

By engaging with other trailblazers learning about what they do and what products they are focusing on, you can actually learn a lot and potentially find supporters or followers for your ideas or venture.

See the next Salesforce events

So as you can see, learning Salesforce is no rocket science. The amount of information and demos are as fun as advantageous. We hope you benefited from this beginners guide and we invite you to stay tuned for part 2 to learn about more hacks and opportunities to support you in your learning experience.

Meanwhile, we wish you productive and happy trails!

Florent Schneider

Salesforce Consultant - 5x Salesforce Certified

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