Salesforce Administrator Job Description


A Salesforce administrator helps his company users unlock the full potential of Salesforce. Salesforce admin creates easy to use dashboard and creates apps to boost user’s boost productivity. He ensures that Salesforce is working properly by tracking user adoption. Salesforce admin can work his own or as part of a team. Salesforce administrator is a vital bridge between the business and the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Administrator Salary

Country Experience Permanent Freelance
USA Junior $98,152 $60 per hour
USA Mid $107,510 $90 per hour
USA Senior $123,158 $120 per hour
UK Junior £32,542 £300 per day
UK Mid £45,427 £450 per day
UK Senior £55,547 £650 per day

Main responsibilities

Manage users and access levels

The administrator creates the user accounts and determines the level of access to the data based on the role of the employee. When he leaves the company, the Salesforce administrator must disable his credentials and assign his data to another user.

Import / export data

The administrator oversees the import of large volumes of data from external sources to Salesforce: prospect lists, product lists, internal documents, and more. In large companies, it may need to develop procedures to standardize data management.

Control the quality of the data

The administrator is responsible for the quality of the data in Salesforce. Upstream; it helps users to enter data correctly (validation rules, mandatory fields …). Downstream; it uses tools that control the quality of the data.

Create reports and dashboards

The administrator creates reports and dashboards for him (adoption tracking for example) and for Salesforce users: sales tracking, customer complaint resolution …

Automate business processes

The administrator makes the user work more fluid by automating manual and repetitive tasks. It allows you to limit time and input errors by using Salesforce automation tools: Workflow, Process Builder, attribution rules … Salesforce automates business processes with standard, click-configurable features!

Advise and assist users

The administrator helps Salesforce users optimize their work. It informs users about new features and updates for Salesforce. In case of problems, the administrator must identify the cause and solve it whenever possible.

If the problem is too complex to be resolved by standard configurations, the administrator can alert the development teams (for example, in the case of a problem in the APEX code).

Qualities needed

  • Organizational and time management skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to conduct a thorough needs analysis and solution identification with diverse technical abilities
  • Possesses strong analytical and data management capabilities


Essential tools

Career Evolutions

  • Salesforce Business Analyst
  • Salesforce Consultant
  • Project Manager

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