Salesforce Developer Job Description


A Salesforce developer design, code, test and implement new Salesforce software applications to meet project objectives and support new or expanding business objectives. Many aspects of the job are similar to those of a software developer, including analysis, testing, and deployment of new or updated software applications. The ability to code in the Apex language is essential, and knowledge of other coding languages is helpful. A Salesforce developer should understand the basic principles of business software design and customer relationship management. Creativity and analytical skills are also important.

Salesforce Developer Salary

Country Experience Permanent Freelance
USA Junior $112,000 $80 per hour
USA Mid $140,000 $105 per hour
USA Senior $160,000 $130 per hour
UK Junior £50,000 £600 per day
UK Mid £66,000 £750 per day
UK Senior £80,000 £900 per day

Main responsibilities

Design, implement and test

The main function of the developer is to set up features and / or applications according to the needs of the business, the company. The developer must:

  • Reflect upstream on what is configurable as standard
  • Identify the gaps between the solution and the customer’s needs
  • Code, test, fix bugs and deploy

Maintain and improve performance

In order to ensure that the entire Salesforce platform is operating at peak capacity, the developer must continually ensure that good programming practices are followed. It implements performance and responsiveness tests of the platform to ensure good user experience and thus improve the adoption rate of Salesforce in the company.

Animate workshops

When training users on new features deployed, the developer may be led to lead training workshops and exchange (to collect feedback for example).

It is also an opportunity for the developer to understand the needs of users with whom he interacts very little because it is essentially the role of the administrator or the project manager.

Qualities needed

  • Analytical Mindset
  • Curiosity and Inquisitiveness
  • Empathy
  • Team Player
  • Technical Mindset


Essential tools

Career Evolutions

  • Lead developer
  • Salesforce Architect
  • Salesforce Consultant

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